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Hello and Big Decision Entry Video Mar 26, 2012

A thank you from our CEO and our Big Decision entry video.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog post.  The last several months have been very exciting at Dead Frog.  We have launched a new Beermaster brew, the French Oaked Stiff Stout to excellent reviews.  We have redone our website so that we can better communicate with our customers.  We were on Oprah’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood, and of course, we have been featured in CBC’s new show The Big Decision.

The Big Decision filming took place in October.  We had film crews, and producers (hi Tracie), running around our brewery for almost 2 weeks.  It was very humbling to have every move I make caught on film.  We are very excited to be able to share the essence of what Dead Frog is with all of our friends,families, and customers.

Here's the Big Decision entry video.  We had a day to film it and send it off to the producers of the show.  We definitely had some fun with it had a chance to show a bit of the brewing process.  Enjoy.

I would like to personally thank all of the people that make Dead Frog possible: our team is amazing, they give it their all every day, our suppliers and partners, who continue to support us in our vision, and our retailers who carry our products in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario along with our Yukon friends.  And of course to you our fans, thank you for enjoying Dead Frog, because of you we get to do what we love to do every day and bring you innovative, great beer.

I’ll have lots more to say in the near future and look forward to your questions and feedback. 

Posted by Derrick Smith